Our teachers - Arts & Leisures


Joël Brugnon

"Passionate about sports and logic games, I invite your children to discover that “Chess is the art of analysis” and that “Chess is imagination”.

Theatre IT

Benedetta Casini

"The world of theatre is infinite and wonderful! It can be therapeutic, and help to make life more peaceful."

Mindfulness / Arts

Claudia Castillo

“Being close to the children on a daily basis through meditation and creativity makes us realize how important it is to be involved in the active participation of a caring school.”

Theatre EN

David Challens

"Bonding the group together, helping students to work as a team, and increase their confidence and self belief."


Myriam Cornette

"Give children a tool to listen to their emotions and express them and to manage their stress."

Puppet / Sciences / Storytelling

Déborah Dutois

"Making up stories, characters, experiments, etc., it’s all possible!"

Board Games

Adil Fares

"All children have genius, the challenge is to make it visible, to let them express themselves, to experiment, to touch, to feel, to ask for explanation for a more enriching knowledge."

Theatre GK

Athanassia Fourtouni

"I help my students discovering their creative self, guiding them through the educational material and eventually cultivate their skills."

Sensitive is the new strong / A fi sensibil inseamna A fi puternic!

Alina Frent

"With the right attitudes, tools and skills each student can achieve success, connectedness and well-being."


Deniona Grillo

"The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls."

Meditation / Art&Philo

Chloé Grumeau

"A man is never as big as when he is on his knees to help a child."

Sciences / Arts

Liliane Hene

"Observe and find the why and the how of things" ; "Turning your paper sheet into a real and imaginary world."


Carla Jaci

"Teaching children how to read and speak today means investing in the construction of new sounds tomorrow."


Gary Karagoulian

"During the chess game, I bring reflection, analysis and calculation of all possible moves that can occur during a game to my students."

Design & Model making

Mariame Kenfaoui

"Sewing is about sewing dreams with colored threads."


Inès Le Docte

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving."

Art Yoga / Yoga

Olena Petrykova

"Love, respect and harmony to cope with stress, train the body and develop awareness and self-regulation."


Laurent Pilgrims

"Discover and develop one's motor skills by learning safety, respecting everyone's own body, equipment and space."


Viviana Sanchez

"Improve attention span and concentration while having fun, for more inner happiness."

Theatre FR

Jacob Vaughan

"My aim is to help young people gain self-confidence, and to give them the opportunity to express themselves through art."


Stephanie Vergaelen

"We are not alone, we are part of a whole!"