Film making

"Want to make a movie? During this activity, children and teenagers will create their own movie, cartoon or stop motion projects. This is an opportunity to learn how to use their phone, tablet or computer as an incredible creative tool."

It is recommended that participants have a tablet, phone or computer (and a stylus) to fully enjoy the activity.

Primary + Secondary

With Sharon:

P3-P5 + S1-S2 : Wednesday, 14h40-15h40

1st semester

The objective of the first semester is to make a first group movie. The children will become familiar with the technical language of filming, editing, etc., and they will learn to collaborate in order to develop their project.

After watching short films made by other students, the young people will think about the movie they want to shoot. They will choose the genre and the theme and then write a simple and feasible script, either in the classroom, in the school or at home. They will also think about and set up the set, costumes and make-up. Before starting to shoot, the pupils will get familiar with the filming equipment.

Once everything is ready, they will shoot their movie, using a tablet or a phone. They will then edit their movie using software or applications (Kinemaster, Imovie, Filmora/ Premiere Pro). In order to share their work, they will learn how to export and/or transfer files.

2nd semester

The objective of the second semester is to make stop motion movies manually (Cut Paper, plasticine, etc.) or with digital tools (Flipaclip, StopMotion).

Documentaries and short movies made by artists, directors, historical and current references and close to young people, will be shown to the students to give them an idea of the immense opportunities that exist.

During the second part of the year, the students decide whether they want to work in groups or alone to make their stop motion films.