Introduction to the manager


” Dear parents, Dear pupils,
My name is Vangelis and as of April 2022 I am the Canteen manager for the Apeee IV. I am managing not only the canteen and the preparation of the hot meals that are served daily at the school but also the Cafeteria and the Snack Shack.
Working in the food and beverage industry for the past 20 years, I have gained a wealth of experience in the field. I have experience in all aspects of food and beverage management, from ordering and inventory to staff training and customer service, and I have decided to work with the most “demanding guests” in the hospitality industry… Children! 🙂
As a parent myself I’m trying to find new ways of introducing healthy food to the kids who sometimes might show denial of even tasting.
Shall you have any further questions or remarks please don’t hesitate to contact. My door is always open for you and your children.
Wish you all the best for this school year! “

Our Mission

Our Mission


The mission of the canteen is to serve, at every day service, the in-house preparation of healthy, balanced and tasty meals respectful of the planet, for all school pupil from nursery to secondary and from all linguistic sections, within the dedicated school’s premises guaranteeing the comfort and safety of the kids.

The lunch is a moment of conviviality and relaxation. Lunch is also a time of learning on the good practices of food necessary for the proper development of your child.




Our Goals

Our Goals

Our goals this year manyfold:

  • Ensuring a high quality of service for what concerns the meals proposed, the reception and supervision of the pupils’ during service periods.
  • Adding more options in the Cafeteria and Snack Shack in collaboration with students committee.
  • Enhancing the communication between the Canteen service and the Parents as well as the pupils. Your opinion counts and your ideas are always more than welcome.
  • Keeping the cost of the subscriptions as low as possible, given the global economic situation that is affecting all of us.
  • Reducing our ecological footprint by using more sustainable products and procedures. Planet is our home and we all need to save it.

The canteen agenda:

All year Canteen registration 2023-2024 ! More info on our Enrolment tab >
September Survey results on our canteen service:
1 March Creation of the subscriptions for the 3rd term. Parents who wish to make any adjustment to their children’s subscriptions are asked to contact us as soon as possible at : or
18 March Payment requests for the 3rd term – please use the structured communication in the payment advice and ensure you use the correct canteen account number and amount.

Canteen registrations for the school year are open and administered on our registration system.

All necessary information about your enrolment is available here.

If you wish to come to the canteen occasionally, you will need a ticket. Find here the procedure to buy a ticket.

Don’t forget to read our Rules of procedure.

The canteen team works daily to provide your children with the resources necessary for their growth and well-being, discover who our cooks are!

We also have several cafeterias within the school, click here to learn more.

Finally, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to consult our FAQ.

Bon appétit !

Find the Canteen activity report: