The class representatives

List of class representatives – School year 2018-2019


Nusery : List of class representatives 2018-2019

Primary : List of class representatives 2018-2019

Secondary : List of class representatives 2018-2019

A class representative is the vital link between the parents and the Parents’ Association (APEEE). Four class representatives should be elected per class in each section.

Important: you can only become a class representative for one class even if you have children in other classes

Each class representative can choose to endorse one of the following functions:

  • Information Officer to forward information from the Parents’ Association to the parents of the class you represent
  • Events Correspondent to support the preparation of school community’s events
  • Treasurer to administer the class fund (to cover common costs during the year) and gather ideas for submitting proposals to the community fund
  • Back-up Delegate to act as a back-up for the Information Officer (inter alia regarding the General Assembly)

The attendance of all four class representatives is required at the APEEE’s General Assembly. Each vote is very essential to the effective functioning of the Parents’ Association and will aim to foster your children’s life at school. The presence of each class representative is therefore very important so that each class is represented.

Important: Only class representatives who are up-to-date with the APEEE’s contribution can vote. The final date for payment is the 1st November 2018.

If you are unable to attend, please give your proxy vote to another class representative. Each class representative can hold up to three proxy votes. Please note that if you don’t use your vote, it will be wasted.

There is a Quorum:

  • 2/3rds of the class representatives must be present or represented by a proxy at the APEEE General Assembly;
  • 4/5ths of the class representatives must be present or represented by a proxy where the voting is for a change to the aims of the APEEE.

Class representatives also appoint Section representatives for each language section to assist them.