About us


The Parents Association of the Brussels IV European School is an aisbl (a not for profit international association) which has been established in accordance with Belgian legislation and the accounts of which are audited, approved at a general assembly and notified to the Tribunal de Commerce.

The management of the association is governed by an administrative board mwhich is made up of parents some who work for the institutions and others who do not. The members of the CA are volunteers who run the Association in their free time and who are not paid for doing so.

The APEEE provides the following services: Canteen, Extra-Curricular Activities and Transport

In 2014, the APEEE set up a Community Fund to help support projects and events that enhance school life. In addition there are a number of working groups on specific topics: health & safety, pedagogical working groups).

To the services : TransportCanteen, Extracurricular activities, and Pedagogy.

The APEEE employs a number of staff to assist in the day to day management of the services.

Only the French version of the statutes is legally‐binding