The APEEE of Brussels IV set up a Social Fund in January 2018 in order to help members of the school community facing economic hardship. Wholly financed through APEEE funds and headed by a four member committee made up of board members of the APEEE, the Social Fund has already been able to help four children at EEBIV for a total amount of 6146,09€. The General Assembly of the APEEE has put 35.000€ at the Social Fund’s disposal.

The kind of expenditure covered by the Social Fund are among others school fees (for pupils subject to those), mandatory school equipment, mandatory school trips, extra-curricular educational activities, school transport and school canteen.

A form is available for funding applications to the Social Fund, to be sent to the following e-mail address:

The form and rules of procedure are available below:

Supporting documents will be requested from applicants, and the members of the Social Fund are subject to strict confidentiality.

The Social Fund’s current members, elected by the APEEE’s Administrative Board, are Jane Okafor and Josephine Norris.