2021-2022: The Eurêka team is looking for volunteer parents! If you are interested, write us at eureka@bru4.eu

Eurêka ! 

At the end of each month, Eureka will publish a video of the items found during the past month.

The clothes will be numbered. If you see an item that belongs to you, send us an email (eureka@bru4.eu) with the number of the item, the name and class of your child if he/she is in primary or ask your child to come to Eureka on Friday between 8.30am and 12.30pm to collect his/her property if he/she is in secondary.

Check out the video of the month:

Eureka is a service entirely run by a few volunteer parents who take care of collecting, returning, and storing items lost by students. The Eureka room is in the basement of the J building (primary).

We have put boxes at different places in the school (entrances to the primary and secondary buildings, canteen, gymnasium…) to collect lost things during the week. Items lost by pupils are put there by the school staff and collected by the Eureka team every Friday morning.

Eureka is coping with the current health situation to hand over these items.

As you know, parents are not allowed to enter the school and can therefore not come to Eureka. On the other hand, because the room is cramped, we cannot welcome children as in previous years. For everyone’s safety, they can no longer come to the room as they wish.

Here is the new functioning of the lost and found service:


  • Named items will always be brought to class to their owner on Friday morning.
  • Unnamed items will be stored in the Eureka room. Teachers will be able to register their class via a diary put at their disposal so their pupils can come to Eureka on Fridays at the time slot they have reserved. Children for whom there are no reservations will not be accepted.


  • Items will be stored in the room and we will send an email to the parents via the class representative when we have found items with names on it
  • Children will be able to pick up their belongings ONLY on Fridays between 8:30am and 12:30pm.

As the boxes are only emptied on Fridays, you can also ask your children to go and look for lost items during the week.

For hygienic reasons, we will not collect lost face masks.

Unclaimed items will be donated to charity after a maximum of 2 months.

In nursery, primary or secondary, THE BEST WAY TO FIND LOST THINGS IS TO NAME THEM. We strongly encourage you to label clothes, bags and sports equipment and lunch boxes.

Contact : eureka@bru4.eu