Eurêka ! 

The Eureka! service has been created by parents and is completely managed by volunteers.

“Lost & Found” boxes are positioned nearby the main doors in nursery, primary, secondary and childcare buildings, and also in the gymnasium changing rooms and in the canteen. Each Friday morning, the Eureka! team of volunteers collects the objects in these boxes, in the playground and in the library.

In primary section, belongings labelled with the kid’s name are directly given back to the owner in the classroom. In secondary, belongings labelled with the kid’s name are kept in the Eureka room and parents are informed via their class representatives.

All unlabeled belongings are kept available in the Eureka! room located in the basement of building J (primary).

The Eureka! Room is very small, and we collect a surprisingly high number of objects each week, therefore it is not possible to keep lost items for a very long time. Unclaimed items are regularly given to charities chosen by Eureka! volunteers.

The Eureka! room (Build. J – basement) is open each Friday from 9:00am to 12:30am. Pupils are welcome the whole morning.

Parents who are willing to come (Friday morning only) have to send an email to indicating their first and last name as well as the date of their visit. We must receive this email the day before your visit at the latest, as the parents’ names must be integrated in the school’s visitors list. The day of your visit parents go through the security guards who will give them a visitor’s badge.

As you know, the number of children in our school is growing each year. Unfortunately, the number of volunteers has not increased in parallel. We need more help to keep the level of this service efficient. The latter depends on the availability and goodwill of each parent. If you have time on Friday mornings, you are very welcome to join Eureka!!!! Do not hesitate to contact us!


The Eurêka team

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