Form and Guidance

The purpose of this guidance is to assist you in completing the application form (that you will find below) for a grant from the Community Fund. Please make sure you have also read the Community Fund rules.

Download the Community Fund Rules.


Information about the applicant

We need information about the applicant to be able to contact you, to ensure that funds are for a project organised within the School Community and in order to meet our financial reporting obligations. Please note that we will publish the details of recipients of funding in our annual report.

Type of project

Please provide as much information as possible about the project. A wide range of projects are potentially eligible for funding. However, so far as is possible, the Community Fund Committee will try to ensure a balance between the types of projects which receive funding.

Description of the Project

Please give as much information as possible about the objectives of your project and why you consider that it will contribute to the School Community. Please note that you need to provide the Committee with a report on the event within three weeks of it taking place. This will be included in our annual report.

Section/Age Group

Please give details of which sections will be eligible to participate in the project and which levels within the school (Nursery/ Primary/Secondary). If the event will be delivered in a specific language please specify this as well.
A project which will benefit one language section/ one age group within the school community is eligible for funding. However, the Community Fund Committee needs this information to try to ensure a balance as between the sections/ age groups.


Please provide details of what your event involves. For example, whether it is to be run entirely by existing members of the school community or whether it will involve outside speakers/ contributors.


Please remember that in principle funding applications should be sent 6 weeks in advance and no funding can be granted retrospectively.

Financial Information

Applications can be made for partial or complete funding for an event. However, as the Community Funds are limited, if your project is eligible for funding from other sources, we would expect you to try to secure that funding.
If your project is likely to raise funds (for example through the sale of refreshments/ entry fees/ on the day donations) please specify how you intend to use those funds. The Community Fund Committee will not grant funds to projects intended to raise monies for personal gain. Therefore, we would expect the destination of any funds raised to be either the Community Fund itself (to support future projects) or to another charitable organisation.
Equally, if you wish to organise an event to fundraise for a specific object for the school (playground/ piano/ equipment), please give details.

Multiannual school plan 2018 – 2020

The applications should be in line with priorities of the Multiannual school plan 2018-2020: strengthening the school’s identity, reinforcing the European dimension in education, enhancing digital education and assuring safety and well-being (see the Multiannual plan 2018-2020 for reference, p.2).

Activity Report

If funding request is accepted, a written report on the project is required within 3 weeks of the event or within an alternative deadline if agreed by the Committee of the Community Fund. The activity report is an important part of the funding process because it allows the Committee to share the positive results with a wider audience in order to further encourage the community spirit at the school. Please note that the report will be published on the Community Fund webpage. It will be important to provide detailed information on what happened, the feedback received from the participants (and a few quotes, if possible), the feedback from the coordinator and any other inspiring information you may consider necessary for the school community.

Please also note that the Committee supports also in the identification of project ideas and provides guidance.

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