The Community Fund Committee


Cerasela Botoroaga English section

I am a mom of two, a girl who is a student in S5, and a boy, a master’s student in Computer science. We consider that because we are part of the community we should contribute to its development, by giving it back part of our time, creativity and passion. Knowing that only together we are going to be stronger, we decided to join the Community Fund.

Mariana Ghitoi – Romanian section

Mum of Arsenie (P4RO) – I have been a member of the APEEE Board since January 2018 and a class representative for the last 4 years. Currently I am the Chairperson of the Community Fund Committee. I strongly believe that an effective partnership between parents and school is essential to ensure quality education and the well-being of our children.

Ambar Hernandez Pacheco – French section

Mum of Johanna (S1Fr) and Ludovic (P4Fr) – I’ve been a class representative for the last 6 years, a section representative for the last 4 years and I’m currently VP IEPR (Information, Events and Public Relations) for the APEEE. I’m also involved with the British Scouts overseas and used to be an active volunteer for the Brussels Childbirth Trust. I take the saying “It Takes a Village to Raise a Child” at heart and truly believe that for our children that village can be found within the school community (teachers, parents and fellow students).

Sarah Ironside – English section

Mum of Katie Jane (S6EN) and TomTom (S3EN) – My children have been at the school for ten years now. I believe all parents need to contribute in some way to our school community, in this way we can each bring our skills and abilities to support the school in educating our children. I was previously involved in the Somerfesto organisation and also in organising events for the Anglophone section. I have also served on the Board of the APEEE.

Dan Nicolae – Romanian section

I am the father of a P3 girl, who is part of the Student Council, so we decided as a family that we can do something for the school and for the community.  I am a physician by profession, and I decided that the best way to help is to join the Community Fund as the results can be seen all around the school.

Dana Puia Morel – English section

I work at the European Commission, where I put in practice the innovative methods of Participatory Leadership (the Art of Hosting), which dwell on collective intelligence in a productive and creative way. I have been using my experience on how to design inclusive processes and thus bring people together, to build a true Community for our school. I believe that the Community Fund is an essential instrument for having a vibrant, diverse and engaged community in our school.

Vanessa Vignati – Italian section

Mum of Riccardo (S6 IT) et Sara (S5 IT) (Gabriel S7 IT 2018-2019) – My children have been at the EEB2 for 4 years, and since 2013 we have reached the European school of Laeken. I have been a class representative every year from when my children started the school. I am the coordinator of the Italian stand for the Somerfesto since 2014 and I am on the Community Fund Committee since 2016.


The Community Fund Committee meets once a month to discuss and analyse projects.


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