Any registration to our transport, canteen or extra-curricular services are administered on our online registration system: https://services.apeee-bxl4.be/

Before enrolling we urge you to read the Rules relating to each service (TransportCanteenExtracurricular), by enrolling your child, you will be deemed to have read and accepted these terms in full.

For families enrolling their child(ren) for the 1st time to the APEEE:

  1. Create an APEEE user account
  2. Register your family with at least two persons exercising parental authority as associates to the APEEE. A membership per family per school year is mandatory and has to be paid. The payment of the membership opens access to our services. Your data will be stored in a database accessible to the APEEE staff in order to manage your request and to contact you if necessary.
  3. Register your child for the desired service.

For families already enrolled:

  1. You will be invited to pay your APEEE membership fee which opens access to the services
  2. please verify if the data in your current profile are correct and modify it if necessary. In case you did not register at least two contact persons for your child, please correct it.
  3. Register your child to the desired service by creating a new order.