Projects 2018-2019

English Theatre

On 29th November 2018, the whole of the Anglophone primary section as well as P5 Language 2 students were invited to a performance called “Passing Tales” by the English Theatre Company, a synthesis and re-telling of fairy tales from English literature. Pupils were exposed to wonderful theatrical experience, adding value to speaking, listening and writing elements of their curriculum.

Projects 2017-2018

The Community Fund financed several projects during the 2017-2018 school year.
Discover them below.


Garden Project

The CF funds were used to maintain the planting. During our European Day, Mr Marchiagiano appreciated the garden and the green impact the development of the garden project has on the school and the environments for the children of our school. A European Hours module on Education for Sustainable Development was opened.

Libri a teatro

On the occasion of the Book Week 2018, the Italian section invited the theatre company “Le Teste Matte” to present some of the cultural richness that Italy offers to the city of Brussels.

Ceili Project

The Irish teachers and parents of EEB4 welcomed students from all sections to the 3rd annual ‘Céili Mór’ on the 9th of March to celebrate their Patron Saint Patrick and share the Irish’s language and heritage.

English Theatre

On 30th November, the whole of the Anglophone primary section were invited to a performance by the English Theatre Company, a small group who perform to English-speaking schools across the whole of Belgium. They performed “The Curious Adventures of Jack Todd”, a wonderfully energetic play that was a hybrid of some of the most famous adventures stories in English literature for children.

Animation Film

P5 ENa and Primary Croatians collaborated once again on the core issue of values in May 2018. The aim of the project was to produce a short animation to explore the values important here at EEBIV.

Filo diretto con l’autore

On February 8, 2018, the literary project “Filo diretto con l’autore” welcomed the writer Francesco Carofiglio to the school, author of the book “Wok”, chosen by the Italian Ministry of National Education as a compulsory reading for S6 classes studying the Italian language as L3, to be presented to BAC. His visit aimed to create a community spirit of the Italian language and culture.

Toys for the study room

In April 2018, many games (chess, goose games, checkers, etc.) were purchased in order for students to develop skills, allow imagination, identity building but also to provide an alternative to the study room during free time.