Projects 2018-2019

Find here the projects financed by the Community Fund during the 2018-2019 school year.

Sensory Path Hallways

In the beginning of March, designers created the layouts of the sensory paths for present and future students of the whole Nursery cycle. Since September the children in Nursery use happily the paths everyday way back to their class. They develop their physical competences, which boost confidence, make them willing to move and to be active. They are also safe spaces where students with difficulties or disorders learn and feel well in a sensory needs’ friendly environment.

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Libri al cinema

On the occasion of the 2019 Book Week, the Italian section organised a project called “Libri al cinema” with about 200 students and 15 teachers. The students met the Italian director Marco Perri with whom the primary children made a short film. On May 24, 2019, the salle polyvalente was transformed into a real cinema, and primary and secondary students attended the vision of the short film. The secondary school students then watched J. Huston’s film “Moby Dick”, and ended the day with a debate with Mr Perri.

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Science Festival

The science festival took place at the Somerfesto: microscope observations of botanical preparations, chemistry and physics experiments and even 3D printer demonstrations. There also was a Super Mario Kart Battle which pleased everyone.

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Chill Out Room

Thanks to the financing of the CF of sofas, cushions and blankets, students can enjoy this space to relax, do their homework and get together with each other.

Literary Prize Jury: Premio Strega

On May 9, 2019, 20 students from the Italian section took part in the jury for the Premio Strega literary prize in Turin. They had the chance to meet the writer Guido Sgardoli, winner of the Strega Ragazzi e Ragazze 2019 prize and they took part in several activities at the Book Fair. It was a great opportunity to step into the world of the press and books.

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Ceili Project

On the 8th of March 2019, in excess of 500 students, across all levels and sections experienced a workshop in Irish dance and culture in order to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Four Irish Ceile dancing workshops were led by a professional dancer and three traditional Irish musicians performed live.

Estonia - 100 Years

On February 24, 2018, Estonia celebrated 100 years of independence. A special event took place at EEB2 school on February, 21st and all Estonian students and their teachers from EEB4 were able to be there with Estonian community. They took part of the flag ceremony and all section levels had a chance to perfom on the big stage.

Filo diretto con l’autore

On 22 February, students from the Italian section of EEBIV as well as students from the Italian sections of the other European schools met the writer Lia Levi, a Jewish survivor of the 1943 deportation of the Roman ghetto (Premio Strega Giovani 2018) and Director Stefano Petrocchi, organiser of the Premio Strega, the most important and prestigious Italian literary prize. The debate was moderated by the students of our school, members of the Premio Strega jury.

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January 27th - Forget you not

On February 8, 2019, sisters Tatiana and Andra Bucci, two of the few survivors of the Auschwitz extermination camp, held a dialogue with all S6 and S7 students at EEBIV. This meeting allowed an educational journey to deepen the history and tragic events that took place in concentration and extermination camps such as Auschwitz.

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Bright Mirror

In February 2019, 117 S4 students from the French section participated in a collective writing workshop called “Bright Mirror” where they had to imagine the green school of 2050. The students have given thought to the place of each person in the construction of a more sustainable society, and also questioned themselves on what they imagined or hoped for in terms of future education.

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Petit Charlot

This pedagogical project was carried out with the 6 classes P2 and P3 of the French-speaking section. The theme chosen by the teachers is silent cinema and specifically Charlie Chaplin’s, with the final objective of making a short animated film. The students were able to gain in autonomy by exercising responsibilities, by carrying out work of reflection and creation.

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English Theatre

On 29th November 2018, the whole of the Anglophone primary section as well as P5 Language 2 students were invited to a performance called “Passing Tales” by the English Theatre Company, a synthesis and re-telling of fairy tales from English literature. Pupils were exposed to wonderful theatrical experience, adding value to speaking, listening and writing elements of their curriculum.

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Exhibition Christian Lagrange

From 8 to 28 October 2018, the Belgian author Christian Lagrange exhibited 38 paintings at the school. The exhibition was open to primary and secondary classes and 3 days of workshops led by the author himself took place. The topic of migration, covered in one of the books, was discussed in class by teachers and their students. The visit of the association “Amis Sans Frontières” and three migrants who shared their experiences greatly impressed the students. The exhibition brought openness and insight to the students as well as empathy towards migrants and homeless people.

Projects 2017-2018

The Community Fund financed several projects during the 2017-2018 school year.
Discover them below.

Garden Project

The CF funds were used to maintain the planting. During our European Day, Mr Marchiagiano appreciated the garden and the green impact the development of the garden project has on the school and the environments for the children of our school. A European Hours module on Education for Sustainable Development was opened.

Libri a teatro

On the occasion of the Book Week 2018, the Italian section invited the theatre company “Le Teste Matte” to present some of the cultural richness that Italy offers to the city of Brussels.

Ceili Project

The Irish teachers and parents of EEB4 welcomed students from all sections to the 3rd annual ‘Céili Mór’ on the 9th of March to celebrate their Patron Saint Patrick and share the Irish’s language and heritage.

English Theatre

On 30th November, the whole of the Anglophone primary section were invited to a performance by the English Theatre Company, a small group who perform to English-speaking schools across the whole of Belgium. They performed “The Curious Adventures of Jack Todd”, a wonderfully energetic play that was a hybrid of some of the most famous adventures stories in English literature for children.

Animation Film

P5 ENa and Primary Croatians collaborated once again on the core issue of values in May 2018. The aim of the project was to produce a short animation to explore the values important here at EEBIV.

Filo diretto con l’autore

On February 8, 2018, the literary project “Filo diretto con l’autore” welcomed the writer Francesco Carofiglio to the school, author of the book “Wok”, chosen by the Italian Ministry of National Education as a compulsory reading for S6 classes studying the Italian language as L3, to be presented to BAC. His visit aimed to create a community spirit of the Italian language and culture.

Toys for the study room

In April 2018, many games (chess, goose games, checkers, etc.) were purchased in order for students to develop skills, allow imagination, identity building but also to provide an alternative to the study room during free time.


Projects 2016-2017

Find here the projects financed by the Community Fund during the 2016-2017 school year.

Munich Model United Nations

From 7th until 11th November 2016, ten students spent a school week in Munich, where the European School of Munich and the European Patent Office hosted the Model UN.

Model European Council

In March 2017, a group of 10 students from EEB4 left Brussels to go to Strasbourg and participate in Model European Council.

St Andrew’s International Model United Nations Conference

Over the Easter holidays, thirteen S6 students went to Dublin to participate in St Andrew’s International Model United Conference.

Animation project

An animation project has been organised with the P5 ENa class as well as the Primary school Croatians.

BAC Reception

Capes and gowns were being financed by the Community Fund for the first Bac reception of the schoool which took place on July 7, 2017.

Projects 2015-2016

Find here the projects financed by the Community Fund during the 2015-2016 school year.

Ceili project

For the second time, the « Ceili » event (initiation to the Irish traditional dance) took place in the school for all sections. The Committee received the following report:

Ar an 11ú Márta bhí an céilí bliantúil againn sa scoil. Mar aon leis na blianta a tháinig roimhe tugadh cuireadh do na scoláirí ó na ranna eile teacht chun blais bhig a fháil de thraidisiún agus de chultúr na hÉireann. Bhí sé mar aidhm na hócáide go mbeadh deis ag na scoláirí nach Éireannacha iad cur amach éigin a bheith acu ar cheol agus rince na hÉireann. Ar an gcaoi sin bheadh muid in ann cur leis an eolas Eorpach atá acu agus spéis, b’fhéidir a mhúscailt i dtraidisiúin tíortha eile. Bhí thart ar 300 scoláire ó gach roinn sa scoil i láthair le haghaidh na hócáide agus bhain siad an sult as an gceol agus an rince.

(Thank you to the Irish people for sharing the celebration of St Patrick’s day with all of us. It was a great and fun way of getting all of us together as we don’t meet on many occasions. At the end of the dance I looked around the room and everybody was smiling, clapping and cheering which shows that we all had a great time. Now we know a little more about ireland’s traditions and music.)

Italian section storytelling

On the occasion of Book Week, the Italian Section invited two artists from Bergamo, Giorgio Personelli and Pierangelo Frugnoli, who proposed “reading promotion” activities, as they like to define their work, throughout the day of 29 April 2016.

Rugby Team

The first ever Rugby team was created in the EEB4: the Community Fund supported the purchase of a team kit and equipment.

Science Festival

The Community Fund Committee received a request for the funding of prizes for the Science Festival which was held during the Somerfesto.

Model European Council

EEB4 was represented at the Model European Council conference in Mol from March 9th-11th. The school’s participants included ten S6 students from the English, German, and French sections, constituted the delegations of Ireland and Italy, and pushed forward the aforementioned countries’ policies during the council meetings.

Gardening project

A garden was created at the school thanks to the work of all primary school sections during European hours.

English section storytelling

Children in the English section (primary) as well as children who study English as their L2 attended a storytelling workshop.

Projects 2014-2015

Find here the first projects financed by the Community Fund during the 2015-2016 school year.

Ceili project

A Cultural Event benefiting the School Environment to coincide with celebrations for St Patrick’s Day (Ireland’s National Day). Introduction to Irish cultural dance and music in order to showcase Irish tradition and culture to the European students in the school and promote multiculturalism in the school.

Primary Playground Mural

A series of murals was painted by groups of students in European Hours.

The finished results are on display in the school grounds !


Plastic bottles were transformed into colorful flowers during an European Hours project so that is could be sold at the Somerfesto to raise funds for “SOS Missing Children”.