Sensory Path Hallways Project Report

In the beginning of March, after having presented the project to Daddy Kate company, the designers created the layouts of the sensory paths and made some modifications according to the project coordinator’s suggestions. The paths had to be attractive for the children, educational and suitable for Nursery children’s age. During the summer holiday the workers came to press the floor stickers. Since September the children in Nursery use happily the paths everyday way back to their class coming from the canteen, library, gym, during the breaktimes when the weather is bad or everytime they walk on the Nursery corridors. 

The beneficiaries of the project are the present and future students of the whole Nursery cycle. 

Mihaela Lazar (Project Coodinator) – I’m so delighted to see every day on the Nursery hallways happy children willing to do sport, to hop, squat, walk, do pushups and crawl according to the signs on the stickers on the floor. Their joy is fantastic! We are so grateful to the Community Fund for having accepted to support our initiative and help to create for all the children in Nursery school an attractive tool they can play with every day and which has cognitive, health, social, environmental and economic benefits for them. 

FR class teacher – The sensory path is appreciated by my pupils. It is colorful and makes children want to do it. The educational aspect, letters, vowels, is of course very interesting as well. 

IT class teacher – Il sensory project è piaciuto molto ai miei bambini, chiedevano spesso di farlo. 

ET class teacher – Estonian chlidren like a lot to use the Sensory path. They would like to jump there every time when we come through the corridor … unfortunately it´s not possible as we are with so many. But, we do it every time, when we are alone in corridor. 

EN class teacher – We love the idea! Our class are ‘Explorers’ this year. One boy suggested  we could “discover with our feet!

DE class teacher – I like it, because I can run and jump and learn the numbers. I like the path, because there I could jump on the numbers and there are panda bears and there I could balance on the bown sticks. 

The Deputy Director of Nursery and Primary School of EEB4 was very pleased to see the stickers in the Nursery hallways.. He underlined that they looked great and that they were valuable for the children in Nursery. 

Using the paths, children from all linguistic sections in Nursery school develop their physical competences, which boost confidence, make them willing to move and to be active. In this way they realise that movement should be as important as reading and writing. The paths are now one of the main attractions in Nursery school; the corridors became very friendly and children love to use it. They are also safe spaces where students with difficulties or disorders learn and feel well in a sensory needs friendly environment, as they work on balance, coordination and body awareness, grow their self-esteem, release the stress and the emotions, release their neurological blocked paths and allow the body and brain to refocus.

The children start the day with a smile on their face while jumping on the stickers every morning and it is obvious for everyone that they feel good, full of energy, confident and ready for new challenges. “It really feels great to be at school”, most of the children exclaimed.