New demonstration in front of the school

On Wednesday, September 25, a new demonstration by the former Activa staff took place in front of the school during lunchtime. As on the first day of school, the demonstrators distributed leaflets to the school’s parents.

We would like to stress the fact that we commented on this first action on the first day of the school year, Wednesday, September 4, 2019. You can read our article by clicking here:

We would also like to highlight some of the elements that have been covered in the media and that are found to be incorrect.

The new company that won our call for tenders, Rebbecca Cleaning, is a service company that provides table service for children’s lunchtime meals. Rebecca Cleaning is not involved in the management of the APEEE’s canteen service.

Activa’s decision to part with their team is an entirely independent one. As mentioned in our previous article, Rebbecca Cleaning has launched a recruitment process, in which any former Activa employee was entitled to apply – some former team members have been recruited under the same conditions as before.

The argument that the staff of the former cleaning company Activa was rehired by Rebecca Cleaning at lower wages and conditions is therefore incorrect.