Demonstration in front of the school – 04/09

A demonstration took place at the school entrance today, Wednesday, September 4, 2019. We would like to clarify the situation and inform you of the following points.

The cleaning company “Activa” was an APEEE canteen service contractor for the last three years. Each year, the APEEE launches a call for tenders to find a service company for the coming school year in order to offer the best service to the children of this school. This year, the company “Rebbecca Cleaning” won this tender.

Activa has parted with its team, a decision that is entirely its own and in which the APEEE and the school are not involved.

To set up her team, Rebbecca Cleaning launched a recruitment process, in which any former Activa employee was entitled to apply. Some people from the former Activa team have indeed been recruited to work for the new team within the canteen service of your APEEE. The APEEE is not responsible for meeting Rebbecca Cleaning’s recruitment criteria.

This year, the team formed by Rebbecca Cleaning is also larger, which guarantees a quality service for your children.