Our Mission

Our Mission

Children’s free time is becoming more and more difficult to satisfy. Although it is no substitute for school, whose role remains primordial, the extracurricular activities programme organizes sports, artistic, musical and linguistic activities. These activities are essential to children’s awakening and have taken a special place in their education.


The mission of the extracurricular activities service is to offer nursery, primary and secondary students extracurricular activities in all languistic sections in order to complete the education provided by the school while stimulating their creativity and developing their autonomy, supervised by a dynamic and qualified staff.

Our Goals

Our Goals

The goals of the extracurricular activities service are many:

  • To offer children a wide range of extracurricular activities in the areas of sport, music, languages, art and leisure;
  • Provide opportunities for children to participate in activities that are a mix of fun and learning;
  • To allow children to blossom, to discover new passions and to strengthen social bonds;
  • To facilitate communication between parents and extracurricular activities monitors;
  • Ensure the smooth running of extracurricular activities.


Our Practical Guide

To guide you and better introduce you our service, we have prepared a Practical Guide that we hope will answer all your questions.

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Some important extracurricular days:

What is an ordinary day like ?