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In an increasingly computerized world, it is essential not to be overwhelmed by these technologies. Coding For Kids encourages young people to go beyond passivity by learning computer programming in an active, fun and gentle way.

Coding For Kids paves the way for young people aged 8 to 14 to experience the joys of coding.

By empowering computers with Linux and free software we care for both technology and ecology. The CFK team: Christian Joret and Karine Kreisman are there to share their skills, passion, and values.

Website is still at the very beginning of a permanent evolution.

Created in 2000, the non-profit organisation Promosport, offers a wide range of activities, but is specialised in swimming with their private swimming pools. From a very young age, children can discover the pleasures of the water. Quality lessons, supervised by a professional team, are given in a friendly atmosphere.

Promosport attaches vital importance to supervision, course content, safety and the child’s rhythm. The learning of values such as respect, autonomy, conviviality and sociability are an integral part of their sports and early learning activities.

For more than 10 years SPOTLight has been training dancers in standard and Latin dances at a high level, both nationally and internationally. SPOTLight is the only sports dance club in Belgium that benefits from a similar learning structure to what you can find in Russia or Italy with high-level sportsmen and women: physical preparation, personalised training, adapted coaching, etc… and this from the age of 6 years old!

SPOTLight is a member of the Wallonia Brussels Dance Sport Federation and has several athletes with sports status from the Ministry of Sport. All SPOTLight athletes are followed by multiple Belgian champions and world finalists in dance sport.

As science ambassadors and communicators, Steam for Kids presents scientific and engineering concepts in an entertaining way to young people with the hope of developing their interest for basic science and engineering behind modern life.