Prices and payment


For our group activities, tariffs are indicated in our programme. The payment of your order, to be made on our online registration system, conditions your child’s access in the chosen activity.


For our private lessons, you can choose :

  • Tickets :

In order to try an instrument, it is possible to buy a ticket corresponding to a 30min course.

Cost : 25€ / ticket

You can buy your tickets at the accounting office (building S, 2nd floor) or by bank transfer on the Extracurricular bank account with the following communication *Surname and Firstname of your child, name of the private lesson, name of the teacher*.

You can buy a maximum of 3 tickets.


  • Annual subscription :

Cost : 625€ for 30x 30 minutes of lessons.

If the course lasts more than 30 minutes, the price will be adjusted accordingly. If your child is having 1 hour class per week, the price will be 1250€ (this amount has to be paid before the beginning of the individual class).


Only after receipt of your payment, you will be able to start private lessons.


The cancellation of a lesson must be made at the latest the day before the class and before 7:00 pm. Otherwise, the lesson will be considered as given and will be taken into account. Parents are asked to notify the teachers in case of justified absence by the school (e.g school trip, pedagogical day).