Prices and payment


The extracurricular service is offering several formulas for its activities:


Enrolment during the year:

For students joining an activity after the beginning of the school year, there are three fee periods:

  • 1st trimester: from the launch of activities in September until the end of December, the amount will correspond to the total annual price of the activity,
  • 2nd trimester: from the beginning of January until the end of March the extracurricular activities of the current academic year, 2/3 of the registration fee will be due.
  • 3rd trimester: from the beginning of April until the end of the extracurricular activities of the current academic year, 1/3 of the registration fee will be due


The payment of your order, to be made on our online registration system, conditions your child’s access in the chosen activity.



  • Annual price :

– 1300€ for 30 sessions of 1 hour

– 660€ for 30 sessions of 30 min

  • Half-yearly price list – from February 2021 onwards

– 350€ for 15 sessions of 30 min

  • Tickets :

In order to try an instrument, it is possible to buy a ticket corresponding to a 30min course.

Cost : 30€ / ticket

You can buy your tickets at the accounting office (building S, 2nd floor) or by bank transfer on the Extracurricular bank account with the following communication *Surname and Firstname of your child, name of the private lesson, name of the teacher*.

You can buy a maximum of 3 tickets.


Only after receipt of your payment, you will be able to start private lessons.


For any absence (school trip, pedagogical day, sickness), parents are kindly requested to cancel the course with the teacher at the latest the day before before 5:00 pm. Otherwise, the course will be considered given and will be counted.

Extracurricular bank accountBE45 1325 3154 5489