Our teachers and monitors


Football, Taekwondo, Basket, Judo, Fencing, Badminton, Aïkido, Mini Gym, Multisport >

We are working with 15 sports monitors and offer more than 30 extracurricular sports activities per week, both inside and outside the school.


Piano, Guitar, Saxophone, Violin, Drums, Introduction to music, Percussion, Choir >

We are working with 12 music teachers and offer more than 90 group and individual musical activities per week.


French, English, Dutch, Spanish, Bulgarian >

We are working with 7 language teachers and offer a dozen extracurricular language activities per week.


Dance, jewellery, circus, theatre, design and model making, chess, yoga, mindfulness, storytelling, puppet workshop, arts, scientific workshop, let’s play >

We are working with more than 20 arts and leisure monitors and offer about fifty artistic extracurricular activities per week.


Coding for Kid, Ecole de cirque de Bruxelles, Promo Sport, Spotlight, Steam for Kids >

We are working with 5 associations specialized in children's animation.