Our activities - Languages

Apprendre le français en jouant

"Feel like speaking French? This course introduces children to the language of Molière while having fun through amusing activities."


"Do you want to learn Bulgarian or improve your linguistic skills? This course offers a variety of fun activities that are adapted to each student in order to discover the Bulgarian language and culture, enrich active vocabulary and improve comprehension."

Jugar en espanol

"Want to learn Spanish in a funny way? Children will have fun and will practice Spanish in a language immersion environment with a native teacher."

Learn and play in English

"Do you want to speak English? This course offers children an opportunity to learn Shakespeare's language through a variety of fun activities."

Scoprire l'italiano divertendosi

"Feel like speaking Italian while discovering the folklore and traditions of the country? This course offers children of all levels an opportunity to learn while having fun and to become familiar with Italian culture thanks to a native teacher."

Tijdens het spelen

"Wil je Nederlands spreken ? This course offers children the opportunity to learn one of the Belgian national languages in a playful way in a participative and communicative atmosphere and with a native teacher."