Our activities - Sports


"Do you want to practice a Japanese martial art? This Aikido class offers children a learning experience adapted to everyone, physically, technically and mentally."


"Fancy playing and improving your badminton skills? This very popular racket sport combines playful learning and physical training."


"Want to score some baskets like Michael Jordan? This basketball class will help you learn or improve your skills in this team sport."


"Feel like discovering fencing? Fencing is a combat sport that encourages playful opposition situations."

First steps of dance

"Do you want to dance? This class helps small children to get awareness of their body parts and also to develop motor skills, creativity and imagination in order to experience the pleasure in the danced movement."


"Looking to play football like Ronaldo? This course includes physical preparation, technical training and small matches."

Girls' Football

"Would you like to be part of the school's first women's football team? This course, supervised by a female coach, offers girls the opportunity to practice with each other."

Hip-Hop Dance

"Feel like dancing to trendy music? This class offers children the opportunity to do dynamic choreography to hip-hop/reggae style music."

Introduction to dance

"Do you want to learn how to move your body? This class offers children to discover the position of the body and to develop the motor and expressive possibilities of each pupil in order to experience the pleasure in the danced movement."


"Want to go try your hand at judo? This course allows children to learn the fundamental techniques of this martial art, whatever their rank, as well as its moral code."

Little Gym

"Looking for fun psychomotricity activities? The psychomotricity course offers children exercises and games that allow them to develop both their physical and mental skills."

Multisports and new games

"Would you like to discover different sports? This activity allows children to practice a whole range of sports and games, adapted to their age group."

Sportive Dance

"Looking to dance with a partner? Sportive Dance is a mixed activity that blends sporting and artistic skills. "


"Do you want to discover one of the most popular martial arts? Taekwondo is a combat sport and a method of self-defense, born in Korea."


"Fancy joining the school's first volleyball team? Usually practiced for a few weeks during the school year, this course allows you to reinforce your technical skills and create a team."

Action Sport

"Do you want your child to take part in a sports activity at Woluwe St Lambert? After the end of the school day, children are driven to the Sports Hall of the Athénée in Woluwe Saint Lambert, where our partner Action Sport supervises them during the proposed sport activities."


"Do you want your child to learn to swim in a safe and welcoming environment? This introduction to swimming course takes place in the swimming pool of the Aquacenter Neder-Over-Hembeek, with water heated to 32° all year round."