Sportive Dance

Looking to dance with a partner? Sportive Dance is a mixed activity that blends sporting and artistic skills. The child will gain confidence, will learn how to work together as well as a strong resistance to stress.

Where does the activity take place ?

At the Spotlight dance school : rue des Horticulteurs 9, 1020 Laeken.  The children return to school at the end of the activity.


With Spotlight

P1-P2 : Friday, 14h00 – 15h00

P3-P5 : Friday, 15h10 – 16h10

1st semester

The objective of the first semester is to learn space management, the first psychomotor movements as well as the first dance movements. Interactions with the different partners will help to determine inter-couple affinities.

During the course, children always start with a muscle warm-up to avoid possible injury. This is followed by a positioning in rows in order to do some movements that are gradually integrated into more elaborate choreographies. Children learn the basics of Samba, Cha Cha, Jive, Slow Waltz, Tango and Quick Step.

Those who wish to do so will be able to take a certificate in order to obtain their white badge.

Children will also be able to attend the SPOTLight Ball to perform a demonstration. And depending on the possibilities, the children could participate in a first Sportive Dance competition. It’s a chance to apply what they’ve learned, show parents what they can do in adapted outfits, manage stress and have fun on the dance floor.

2nd semester

The aim for the second half of the year is to introduce four more dances, namely the rumba, the paso doble, the Viennese waltz and the slow fox.

The second semester prepares the children to function in a more sportive and professional way so that they integrate an attitude that allows them to be more aware of what they produce not only in the eyes of the judge but also of the spectator. In addition to expanding the basic choreography, the classes provide the children with the opportunity to work more on strength and muscle power.

Special attention is also paid to their look on the track (hairstyle and clothing). In this way the child begins to integrate the awareness of their image and the impact this image will have on the observer.

At the end of the year the students are able to dance ten different dances and they will be able to pass the next certificate (yellow) and so from now on participate in the “OPEN” competitions which not only allow them to wear more elaborate outfits but also to dance with couples of a higher level.

The teacher will indicate the necessary clothing at the beginning of the year.