Ninja Kids

Want to acquire the agility and reflexes of a Ninja? Ninjutsu is for you!


With Aurélien :

P3-P5 : Thursday, 15h10 – 16h10

Ninjutsu is a Japanese feudal martial art also known as the ‘art of the ninja’.

‘Nin’ means ‘perseverance’, ‘stealth’ and ‘Jutsu’ means ‘art’. Ninjutsu is therefore the art of perseverance or stealth.

Beyond the sports aspect, this discipline is an art of personal development in which there is no competition. Through its values, this martial art enables children to learn to surpass themselves and gain self-confidence while developing their reflexes, agility, strength and self-control.

Ninjutsu is learnt through different learning exercises:

  • Jumps: via obstacle courses with trellises
  • Controlled attacks without colliding with the opponent
  • Dodging
  • Falls and rolls: landing without injury

A variety of complementary exercises in the form of games are also offered: precision exercises, discretion, awakening the senses, cooperative and strategic games.

Keikogi (black or white kimono)