Pedagogical Vision

“To hurt an opponent is to hurt yourself. Controlling an attack without inflicting injury is Aikido.”

Passionate about martial arts and Asian cultures since childhood, Aurélien has tried and studied a number of different martial arts styles, including Judo, Jeet Kune Do and, in particular, Shaolin Wushu.

In March 2010, he met his first aikido teacher, Didier Wojcik (a student of Alain Peyrache Soke), who introduced and trained him in this subtle art at the IchNiSan Dojo.

It was during this training that he chose to study this peace-seeking martial art in greater depth, offering a path to harmony.

According to tradition, the student verifies and perfects the teaching received by becoming a teacher in his own right. The YOAKE Dojo was born of this principle.

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