Fancy joining the school's first volleyball team? Usually practiced for a few weeks during the school year, this course allows you to reinforce your technical skills and create a team.


With Joël:

S1-S3: Tuesday, 16:10 – 17:30

S4-S7: Thursday, 16:10 – 17:30

1st semester 

The objective of the first semester is to develop the skills of young players in volleyball. This team sport is technical, tactical and strategic and has many fitness benefits.

During the first semester, the students become familiar with the rules of volleyball. The course consists of both physical training and the learning of techniques, positions and strategies. Students progress quickly through specific exercises and small matches that give them the opportunity to apply tactics and techniques. The practice of volleyball significantly improves students’ coordination and concentration, as well as their speed and reflexes.

2nd semester 

The objective of the second semester is to improve the quality of the students’ games as well as their technique.

In the second semester, tactics and strategies become more refined as students improve their techniques and their ability to play as a team, making the training more demanding. Volleyball stimulates the mind and encourages a sense of observation. If possible, matches will be organized with teams from other schools at the same level in order to develop a competitive spirit. Teamwork also teaches discipline and respect for teammates and opponents.

Correct sportswear required (trainers, t-shirt, shorts/pants)