Do you want to enrol your child in extracurricular activities? Find out here how to proceed!


To see the schedules and the programme of activities, please go to our “Programme of activities” tab >>

Each registration has an order which means that if you wish to register your child in 5 activities, you will have 5 different orders and therefore 5 different “structured communications” for the payment.

Important: note that you would be able to register your child to a maximum of 7 activities (if you wish to register your child in more than 7 activities, please contact the extracurricular activities Office: periscolaire[at]bru4[.]eu).

All registrations to extracurricular activities will be processed on a first come, first served basis. Activities will only take place if the minimum number of children required for each activity is reached. Enrolments will remain open on a continuing basis until activities are fully subscribed. We advise you to finalize your registration as soon as possible as all entries cannot be taken into consideration.

Before enrolling your child we urge you to read the Extracurricular activities Rules which are mandatory to accept in order to continue the registration. You will find the provisions relating to cancellations and refunds. By enrolling your child, you will be deemed to have read and accepted these terms in full.

Please, be reminded of some important facts which often cause misunderstandings:

  • Enrolment requests are for the entire school year. You will not be reimbursed for cancelling an enrolment during the school year other than for medical reasons or because the student leaves the school mid-year ;
  • Please don’t enrol your child in an activity which is not being offered to his/her age group (e.g. please don’t enrol a child in P4 in an activity which has been organized for S1). These enrolments will be treated as void ;
  • If you wish to enroll your child in an activity on a Wednesday afternoon and your child is not registered to attend the OIB child care centre in Laeken, you must register to lunchtime supervision (picnic or hot meal) in addition to the activity itself;
  • Bus transport related to extracurricular activities for children enrolled to school bus service :
    –  On Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays there is no guaranteed bus transport after extracurricular activities. The second departure of buses (16h10) can be used if places are available.
    Please note that circuits will not be adapted to meet the needs of children enrolled in extracurricular activities and that distances between bus stop and home might be longer.
    Please also note that some off-site activities require that you pick up your child from that location (e.g. swimming)
    – Wednesday: there is no bus going after the extra-curricular activities
    Parents who are interested in using one of the second departure routes should wait until the routes are published (around the end of August), identify the line that they are interested using and contact the transport office to see if there is a place available on that route.
  • Prices for the same activity may vary depending on the day of the week. This is because all prices are calculated based on the number of classes that will take place during the year.

The services offered by the APEEE are organised by parents for parents. No support from educational or community institutions is available. Any complaint must be addressed to the APEEE Management Board; under no circumstances to EU bodies, the central enrolment authority or the school management.