How can I register my child for the extracurricular service?

COVID-19 : Adjustments to the rules and procedures for the students activities could be made during the year. Thank you for your understanding.

  1. Go to our online registration system: Log in to your APEEE account by clicking on the button below or create an account if you are a new parent.
  2. Check if the information in your profile is still up to date and change it if necessary.
  3. Renew your APEEE membership fee. A membership per family and per school year is mandatory and has to be paid. The payment of the membership opens access to our services.
  4. Register your child to the extracurricular activities service by creating a new order.

To see the schedules and the programme of activities, please go to our tab “Our activities” >>

Conditions of enrolment

Each registration has an order which means that if you wish to register your child in 5 activities, you will have 5 different orders and therefore 5 different “structured communications” for the payment. 

Please do not register your child in an activity which is not being offered to his/her age group (e.g. please don’t register a child in P4 in an activity which has been organised for S1). These enrolments will be treated as void.

Please do not register your child for more than one activity in the same time slot as only the 1st choice will be taken into consideration.

If you wish to enroll your child in an activity on a Wednesday afternoon and you child is not registered to attend the OIB child care centre in Laeken, you must register to lunchtime supervision (picnic or hot meal) in addition to the activity itself.

It is not possible to cancel a registration after the start of the extracurricular activities, otherwise the total amount of the activity will be due.

Please note that registering for an extracurricular activity does not guarantee your child a place on a bus on the second departure. You will need to contact the APEEE transport service to register your child and/or make your own transport arrangements. Please also note that some off-site activities require you to pick up your child from that location (e.g. swimming).

Your child will only be able to start his or her extracurricular activity once the full payment has been received by the APEEE.

All registrations to extracurricular activities will be processed on a first come, first served basis. Activities will only take place if the minimum number of children required for each activity is reached. We advise you to finalize your registration as soon as possible as all entries cannot be taken into consideration.

We urge you to read the Extracurricular activities Rules which are mandatory to accept in order to continue the registration. By registering your child, you will be deemed to have read and accepted the rules in their entirety.

GLOSSARY - What do the statuses of my orders mean?

Find the different statuses of your registration and their meanings by clicking on the button below:

The services offered by the APEEE are organised by parents for parents. No support from educational or community institutions is available. Any complaint must be addressed to the APEEE Management Board; under no circumstances to EU bodies, the central enrolment authority or the school management.