"Want to discover Afro-Brazilian culture? Capoeira is a sport that combines games, acrobatics, dance, balance, respect, combat, finesse and spirit."


With Zamis:

P1-P2 : Thursday, 15h10 – 16h10

P3-P5 : Tuesday, 15h10 – 16h10


Activity not launched

1st semestre :

The course is built in sessions to introduce children and teenagers to capoeira. These sessions help students to develop group work, respect for others, self-confidence, motor coordination, initiation to music and capoeira games.

The main activity of the Capoeira course is to transmit the Afro-Brazilian culture. Capoeira keeps its main soul “malice” and improvisation by adding attack and defence techniques as well as foot techniques more developed in Asian martial arts. The classes are physical but always adapted to each student.

The intention is not to create competition between players but to give everyone the opportunity to participate without diminishing the festive atmosphere of Brazil.

Capoeira’s philosophy is to coordinate movement, music, rhythm, respect for others, a spirit of exchange and group work.

The aim of the first trimester is to discover the basic principles of capoeira and the history of capoeira. Students will be introduced to songs and musical instruments while practicing capoeira.


– A martial art, a fight camouflaged as a dance.

– An amazing Acrobatic Dance, where finesse, beauty and self-control are mixed.

Rhythmic and joyful music made by traditional capoeira instruments.

Traditional Song, witnessing the past and present of Brazil and the history of Capoeira.

– The art of playing, a language of movement and body language with the partner.

2nd semestre :

The objective of the second semester is to continue the practice of capoeira and to add the Maculele dance (Roda de maculele + Roda de capoeira).

Zamis is accredited to give belts to students who wish to do so. At the end of the school year, a “baptism” festival and a graduation ceremony will be organised for the students.

Comfortable sportswear