Want to discover this combat sport? Boxing is a super complete sport that develops physical fitness, self-defence and allows you to let off steam after a good day of learning.


With Christophe:

P3-P5, Tuesday 15h10-16h10


With Fabrice:

S1-S7 : Friday, 16h10-17h30

1st semester

The objectives of the boxing lesson are to introduce the students to the basic techniques, to the history of boxing and to change the perception of the sport.

During the first semester, the course will focus exclusively on the defensive aspect. The youngsters will learn to situate themselves in a small space, to move quickly and dynamically and they will discover the different fighting postures. The goal of boxing is to hit the opponent without being hit and without the blow being pressed.

Boxing being a very physical sport, the courses will start with physical preparation allowing the students to improve their endurance. Boxing appears to be an individual sport, however this is a misconception, team spirit will be encouraged.

Boxing is a codified activity in which respect is paramount (respect for the rules, the instructor, partners/opponents and equipment).

2nd semester

During the 2nd semester, the objective is to reinforce the practice, while continuing to let the students discover this sport (history, perception…)

The 2nd semester will focus on more offensive boxing. In addition to the postures, the athletes will be introduced to the different blows, the sequences and the work to reinforce endurance will continue.

The youngsters will be introduced to training with a sparring partner. The aim is to train with someone of a similar level to work on and improve their boxing techniques, strategies and sequences.

During the second part of the year, several educational objectives are targeted:

  • Development of children’s resources.
  • Motor development (speed, coordination, rhythm).
  • Cognitive development (implementing simple and then elaborate strategies to reach the partner).
  • Emotional development (recognition and assertion of self).

Correct sportswear required (trainers, t-shirt, shorts/pants), boxing gloves and a mouthguard.