Want to move like a Yamakasi? Then come and train with Parkour professionals!


With Xtreme Team Parkour:

S1-S3 : Tuesday, 16h10 – 17h30

S4-S7 : Tuesday, 16h10 – 17h30

Parkour is a sporting and acrobatic discipline, also seen as the art of movement, which consists of getting from point A to point B as quickly and efficiently as possible, adapting to the environment, whether urban or natural.

This discipline allows practitioners known as “tracers” :

Gain self-confidence,
to push back their limits little by little while mastering them,
persevere in their efforts,
integrate into a multicultural team,

The technical movements learnt allow obstacles to be overcome in a specific way. The tracer must adapt his movements to any obstacle in his path without following a specific pattern.

Jumps, swings, wall passes, planks, releases, etc. are just some of the movements that, once mastered, allow you to complete a real obstacle course indoors or in a natural environment.

This discipline gives young people a taste for sport and effort, learning to adapt to different environments and integrating the fundamental rules for a healthy lifestyle!

Parkour is a great way to improve your self-confidence, to feel proud of yourself and to overcome both physical and psychological obstacles!