First steps of dance

Do you want to dance? This class helps small children to get awareness of their body parts and also to develop motor skills, creativity and imagination in order to experience the pleasure in the danced movement.


With TBC:

Tuesday, 15h10 – 16h10

1st semester

The objective of the first semester is to introduce dance and give little children the joy of dancing.

Learning choreographies help children to improve their attention, concentration and memory.   Each week, after warming-up their bodies, the theme of the day (it can be a musical notion, a painting, a story, or a meteorological phenomenon like the rain) is introduced to the children. To develop it, children work first with improvisation tasks and games on: for example dancing the four seasons and animals, pause and restart, walking/running, leap/gallop/skip, shaking/bending/stretching, twist/turn, moving in flow, dancing the emotions, etc…  They practice in small groups the dance combination proposed.  Then they do exercises with set dance material, the choreographic sequences are based on dances like polka, valse, tarantella, trepak, etc.. At the end of the lesson they present the dance, either in small groups or altogether.

2nd semester

The objective of the second semester is to gradually dive into developing new dancing skills.

Children continue learning dance phrases but new concept are also introduced through games and exercises, such as musical notions in moving like adagio/ andante/ allegro, accelerando/ ritardando, staccato/ legato, piano/ forte, crescendo/ diminuendo, glissando/ cluster, vibrato and canon. They work as well on rhythm, through different kind of exercises. And during the second semester, as the little dancers will prepare for the show, the lesson plan will be adapted into rehearsal mode.

Correct sportswear required