Introduction to dance

Do you want to learn how to move your body? This class offers children to discover the position of the body and to develop the motor and expressive possibilities of each pupil in order to experience the pleasure in the danced movement.


With Elena:

P1-P2 : Thursday, 15h10 – 16h10

1st semester

The objective of this dance class is for the children to become aware of their bodies, space, and rhythm, to learn to work as a team, and to develop their creativity and imagination through movement, games, and improvisations.

Every week, we work on different themes for which we often use a story, a metaphor, a game, an image, sounds or even our voice. These tools are used to initiate movement and cultivate the different qualities and aspects of moving, as well as to expand the children’s vision of what dance is or can be. During each class, after warming up our bodies, we continue working with concepts and games such as pause and restart, leap/gallop/skip, shaking/bending/stretching, twist/turn, rise/sink, balance/fall, dancing the emotions, the movement of marionettes, mirror game, etc.

The aim of the first semester is to break down barriers between students, introduce them to the principles and tools of dance, and to explore different ways of expressing themselves in a fun and creative environment.

2nd semester

During the second semester, new concepts continue to be introduced while the goal is to create and practice the choreography that will be performed at the Performing Arts Day according to the interests, aptitudes and wishes of the group. As the dancers prepare for the performance, the class schedule will be adapted to allow participants to rehearse.

Correct sportswear required