Would you like to discover an Olympic discipline and try out the different equipment?


With André Parra Rodrigues:

P3-P5 : Wednesday, 13h30 – 15h00


Avec André Parra Rodrigues:

S1-S7 : Thursday, 16h10 – 17h30

1st semester

During the first part of the year, depending on their level, the children are taught to discover or perfect basic figures and postures.

Gymnastics requires a lot of concentration, but it’s also a discipline that’s great fun!  The different workshops and apparatus allow you to learn while having fun!

A wide variety of exercises are proposed, involving the whole muscular chain:

  • Floor: front/back roll, roll, round off, stand, headstand, bridge.
  • Parallel bars: basic entry, swing, front/back roll, spin, front/back plank, basic exit.
  • High bar: swing, front/back turn, half turn.
  • Rings: swing, balance, front plank, back plank.
  • Trempoline: shoulderstand, round off, front somersault.
  • Trempoline with pommel horse: tuck, split and long jump.
  • Pommel horse: scissors, left transfer, right transfer
  • Asymmetric bars: swing, turnaround, bar transfer
  • Beam: forward/backward, half-turn, wheel, handstand

With each session, children improve their posture, flexibility, endurance, agility and balance.

Gymnastics also encourages them to be patient, rigorous and persevering!

2nd semester :

The aim of the second half-year is to reinforce the basic skills acquired by adding more complex tricks. The children are now able to perform sequences of figures with an entry and an exit.

Example of more complex exercises proposed to the children according to their progress:

  • Floor: back flip, front and back somersault, round off somersault, round off flip somersault.
  • Parallel bars: force entry/trampoline, handstand/force, handstand exit, half-turn exit, somersault exit.
  • High bar: soulderstand exit, front/back somersault exit.
  • Rings: power entry full turn, front/back roll, headstand, cross, exit front/back somersault and tuck.
  • Trampoline: stretched salto/spin.
  • Trampoline with pommel horse: cartwheel, round off, somersault.
  • Pommel horse: entry half hoop/forceful headstand, circle, exit forceful headstand.
  • Beam: Jump in/wheel out, round off/salto/round off salto.
  • Floor (for girls): combine ribbon/balloons/loops with the various common elements already learnt in the first term and create a choreography.