André Rodrigues Parra

Pedagogical vision

” The one who never gives up always goes further!”

André discovered his passion for Taekwondo in 2004. It was the values of this martial art that immediately appealed to him. This type of unarmed combat not only allows for self defence, but also aims to develop skill and self-knowledge in order to contribute to a peaceful society. The aim of taekwondo is to eliminate fighting by discouraging aggression.

The discipline is based on four principles: humanity, justice, humility and determination. André obtained his first dan in 2022.

André followed a degree course at the Centre de Formation et d’Entrainement en Taekwondo (CEFT), and in 2021 obtained the title of Poomsae referee. For him, the role of referee is of paramount importance in terms of respect for the rules and ethics of competitive taekwondo. Referees contribute to the realization of quality events while participating in the education of youth.

Since 2016, André has been passing on his passion to youngsters by teaching primary and secondary school pupils in several schools.

Languages : FR – EN