Fancy playing and improving your badminton skills? This very popular racket sport combines playful learning and physical training.

The sports hall, where the badminton activity takes place, will be unavailable for a few weeks to accommodate pupils taking their exams (in December and June). As an alternative to badminton during these 2 periods, we can offer your child table tennis lessons, if they are interested (and if they are not concerned by school exams).


With Benjamin:

S1-S7 : Wednesday, 13:00 – 14:20

1st semester 

The objective of the first semester is the discovery of badminton, its techniques and fundamental rules, or its improvement.

Young people learn the fundamentals of badminton. They are introduced to grips and racket positions, the principles and rules of the sport. They learn techniques for playing on the front of the court, hitting the net and executing a serve to put the shuttlecock into play. These techniques are essential and allow young beginners to progress quickly. Physical elements such as motor coordination, stability and balance are also important in badminton and are therefore worked on.

2nd semester

In the second half of the year, the objective is to prepare for the strike and pitch in order to win the exchanges.

The young players continue to progress by refining their techniques. Most sessions start with games designed to improve the technique of gesture preparation, which is a necessary skill for the development of a good high-handed striking technique. In addition, the requirement of speed in badminton is introduced, so that the speed of exchanges can be accelerated according to the level of the students. Basic singles and doubles tactical skills are taught while integrating speed and introducing agility. Students exchange from all areas of the court to all of the opponent’s court and implement more strategic and tactical exchanges. They participate in small tournaments to be put in competitive match situations while having fun.

Correct sportswear required (trainers, t-shirt, shorts/pants) + a badminton racket is recommended.