Would you like to discover the different disciplines of athletics? Throughout the year the children will be introduced to the 3 main families: jumping, running and throwing.


With Nadir:

P3-P5 : Friday, 15h10 – 16h10

1st semester

The aim of the first semester is to familiarise the children with the different disciplines that athletics offers. They will gradually develop both physically and mentally in several of these. Athletics is a way to develop endurance and breath, but also to improve the cardiovascular system and breathing. It also improves flexibility, balance, coordination, speed and strength. What could be better than physically fit students to keep you mentally fit?

Workshops will be organised during which the children will have different roles: runner, observer, timekeeper or judge. And mini competitions will challenge the children to develop their competitive spirit.

Here are the different athletic disciplines that the children will be introduced to, depending on the possibilities (in terms of equipment and terrain):

  • Races: 100m – 200m – 400m – 800m – 1500m – 5000m – 10000m – Marathon
  • Jumps: Height – Length – Triple jump
  • Throws: Shot Put – Hammer
  • Combined events
  • Track and road walking.


2nd semester

The objective of the second semester is to continue learning the different disciplines while having fun!

At the end of the year, children will have progressed from disordered motor skills to balanced and coordinated motor skills.

Correct sportswear required (trainers, t-shirt, shorts/pants)