Would you like to discover different sports? This activity allows children to practice a whole range of sports and games, adapted to their age group. The course introduces the different techniques so that the children improve their basic level.


With Fabrice:

P1-P2 : Monday, 15h10 – 16h10

With TBC:

P1-P2 : Wednesday, 13h30-15h00

The objective of this course is to introduce children to sports disciplines and games in a fun and friendly environment, while emphasizing their sociability within the group.

Children will be able to play basketball, unihoc, track and field, badminton, gymnastics, football, wrestling, volleyball, balance and dance for a few weeks. In addition, children play sports games such as ball games, balance games, etc… This way they will develop sports skills in a playful way. Emphasis is also placed on cooperation and competitiveness, which are principles that stimulate team spirit.

Correct sportswear required (trainers, t-shirt, shorts/pants)