Do you want to practice a Japanese martial art? This Aikido class offers children a learning experience adapted to everyone, physically, technically and mentally. This practice is based on a moral code, emphasizing politeness, courage, sincerity, honor, modesty, respect, self-control and friendship.


With Aurélien :

P3-P5 : Monday, 15h10 – 16h10

1st semester

The objective of the first semester is to introduce Aikido: the origins of this martial art, to learn the techniques of security, attacks and defenses.

At the beginning of the year, children will discover Aikido , a martial art native to Japan. They will be introduced to the values shared by the practitioners and in particular they will learn that there are no winners or losers, no enemies but partners who help to develop their Aikido. The children will be taught the basics: how to fall without hurting themselves, it is a primordial learning in the practice of this martial art, and the techniques of attacks and defenses. Aikidokas apprentices first become familiar with static positions and grip positions and gradually more complex techniques using circular and spiral movements are introduced. The classes end with physical exercises to improve the children’s fitness and flexibility. These exercises are presented in a playful way to guarantee a pleasant atmosphere until the end of the course.

2nd semester

The objective of the second semester is to introduce fundamental principles of aikido practice.

Children progress in their learning: they learn new principles that are essential for practice: centre, distance, retreat from the line of attack, balance and imbalance. They allow any person to gain ascendancy over the person in front, regardless of that person’s physical condition. If a child uses his centre correctly, he can control his opponent by throwing off balance.

Please bring your own Kimono or Aikidogi