Report – Pedagogical Meeting – 24/09

Past Tuesday 24th of September; for the 2nd year, the Pedagogical Team from the APEEE held a meeting to elect Section Representatives and inform parents how the pedagogical and community side of the APEEE work.

A total of 114 parents registered to attend with a nice representation from all of the sections and levels from our school.

During the meeting, we were able to show attendants how the pedagogical team works. Some parents were able to bring up issues that were then discussed by the assembly in the same manner as we do during the pedagogical team meetings. Also, section representatives were able to give some examples of cases where the pedagogical team has intervened in the past.

At the end of the evening, each section got together to discuss and designate their section representatives for the school year 2019-2020.

Working groups were briefly explained and everyone was invited to take part in them. The different working groups currently active in the school are:

  • Educational Support: It aims to inform parents how the educational support works in our school, team up with the school to offer better support for our children and has the backup of the APEEE to organize conferences and workshops.
  • Services: Canteen, Transport and Periscolaire each have a board member working with the APEEE services to look after the best interest of parents and welcome feedback and input from interested parents. 
  • IT group:  focusing on both the challenges and benefits that the digital world brings (at present focusing on BYOD)
  • Pedagogical Team: Brings together all section representatives to work with the school and to APEEE board on finding solutions to different pedagogical issues, network with other European schools and create tools to help teachers and students.
  • Community fund: Encourages management, teachers, parents, and students to submit projects that will benefit the school community. They study each project and when possible help funds it.
  • Community building: Works on collaboration with the school to create events (Somerfesto, Information evenings, Teachers’ appreciation day, etc.) to help students, teachers, staff and parents to have a sense of belonging to the school and build a community around it.

Suggestions for new working groups that need to be created:

  • Green schools: To collaborate with the green school initiative already in place in the school.
  • Lobbying: To work with the school, the pedagogical team and the APEEE board to lobby within the institutions for better practices that will benefit our staff and students.
  • Volunteering Program: To create a database of volunteering jobs for students within the school and run a scheme to value their experience through certificates, workshops and recommendations letter.
  • School exchange program: To help the school and the parents to inform the school community about these programs and find host families in our school and abroad.

Al parents of the school are welcomed and encouraged to join the different working groups. The amount of work each requires really depends on what each of you wants and can give to it. 

To have more information about each working group or join, please fill out the working groups form:

The APEEE board and the Pedagogical team thank all the parents that attended the event and look forward to working with all of you on the benefit of all our children. We also thank the school and the technical staff for their support.