Report of the project Oral Story Telling Workshops

Report of the project Oral Story Telling Workshops

On 22 March 2022, the English-speaking section of nursery and primary and two P4 L2EN classes took part in Oral Story Telling Workshops with storyteller Niall de Burca.

The objective was to develop the literacy competence and multilingual competences of all nursery and  primary pupils in the EN section and the P5 L2 EN students of other sections by having an opportunity to listen to and participate in a live workshop with a world renowned Story Teller. The pupils could then identify, understand and interpret concepts, feelings and facts from the oral form which will assist them in  their written works. 

The pupils were exposed to the use of different language in the oral form of story telling so they have the chance to develop their cultural awareness and expression competence through the oral art of story telling as well as an understanding of another culture through civic competence based on their exposure to and understanding of the social concepts in the stories.

During his 8 workshops, Niall de Burca interspersed age and language appropriate stories with some music, singing and dancing and movement. He totally engaged the pupils in the story. Niall de Burca adapts his stories and themes so that all workshops and performances are unique and fresh. He also adapts to the age of his audience and includes music and movement in his performances. He is adept and specialises in delivering storytelling performances and workshops as a traditional art in education.

This was the first interactive literary event for some of the younger students and the first visitor to the school for other students given restrictions of the last two years. The traditional art of story telling tied in with the recent whole school writing project. These interactive workshops gave the children an opportunity to hear and participate in a live session where they improved their listening skills, extended the use of imagination and ability to tell an oral story. It was also highly entertaining and vital for the pupil to explore all aspects of language. This will benefit their language skills in the future.

Jacqueline Rowland – Coordinator

“An amazing day! Niall de Burca delivered 8 energetic and  age appropriate and totally different workshops to all M / P classes in EN section and to two P4 L2 EN classes (48 pupils) showing the traditional art of storytelling in education.”


“Thank you for the organisation. The Nursery students were laughing, singing, dancing and engaged for the duration of the workshop. Niall certainly possesses a talent for narrative.”

“I had never heard of him before but he certainly had my P1 students engaged and laughing heartily  with his giant story along with the music and the bits of Irish thrown in that he had them all learning!”

“The P3 kids loved him. He was enthusiastic, full of life and really engaging. Would love to have him back again next year.”

“The day went without a hitch and everyone seemed to enjoy it. He had the L2 class eating out of the palm of his hand.”