REGISTRATION: I wish to register my child at the canteen

1) Where can I find the different subscription options?

All subscription formulas can be found on the APEEE website, in the section Canteen – Enrolment >

2) Where can I register my child for the canteen?

Registration can be done on our online registration website >

3) When can I register my child?

The opening date of the registration may vary from year to year.

The launch of registrations is announced on the APEEE website, on the Facebook page and is also communicated by email to parents registered with the APEEE.

If you are a new parent and would like to be notified of the registration launch date, please email us at communication@bru4.eu

4) Can I register my child during the year?

It is possible to enrol your child in the canteen throughout the school year as long as places are still available in nursery and primary P1-P3.

Secondary students from S1 to S7 can use the cafeterias throughout the year.

For the use of the cafeterias, please refer to the “Application & Cafeterias” section of our FAQ page or consult this page of our website: Cafeterias >

5) Can I try a meal first before I register for the annual subscription?

It is possible to come and eat occasionally at the canteen, subject to availability.

An occasional lunch in the canteen is only possible with the purchase of a ticket for 9,00€ for students (via our “APEEE BRU IV” app), and 9,50€ for external visitors (by contacting the Canteen office).

You will find all the information on this page: Prices and payment >

6) When and how do I pay for my subscription?

Payment must be made to the canteen’s bank account (BE67 1325 3154 5287) within two weeks of receiving the request for payment, sent by email.

It is important to use the structured communication indicated.

7) When will I know if my child has a place in the canteen?

When you make a canteen order on our online registration website, it remains in process while our service analyses your registration request.

The status “Accepted” confirms your registration: your child has a place in the canteen and can now go there and eat.

You will then receive a payment request and the status of your order will change to “Awaiting Payment”.

8) When can my child eat at the canteen?

Your child can go to the canteen as soon as the status of your canteen order has been changed to “Accepted”.

9) What is the meaning of the statutes related to my registration?

When you place an order with our canteen service, several registration statuses are possible, depending on the situation.

The meaning of the different statuses can be found in our Glossary >

10) Is it possible to cancel/modify my canteen subscription?

You will be able to modify or cancel any registration as long as your status is “Being processed”.

Subscriptions will be renewed by tacit agreement at the end of each quarter for the following quarter on the basis of the same choice of days.

It is possible to cancel or modify your canteen subscription. Consult the Canteen Rules > 

11) Will I be reimbursed if my child no longer uses the canteen?

In cases where the student has missed at least two consecutive weeks due to illness, the APEEE will reimburse the charges for meals not taken on provision of a medical certificate in French or English from a Doctor practicing in the Kingdom of Belgium, provided that the certificate is sent within the period of absence

Cancelling the subscription is also possible when the pupil is transferred to another school: a copy of the school transfer must then be sent to the APEEE. A notice period of 2 weeks will then apply.

More info in our Rules >


12) What is the composition of the canteen menu?

The menu is developed with the advice of a dietician.

The canteen tries to serve meals which are likely to please a majority of children from different traditions and which respect the dietary balance, while taking into account the organisational constraints and discipline in the restaurant, as well as the need to ensure the comfort and safety of the pupils.

The menu of the month is published on the APEEE website, with the allergens.

13) How can I be aware of the allergens contained in the meals?

The menu of the month is published on the APEEE website on this page: Menu >

For each day, the allergens are indicated.

14) My child registered at the canteen has a school activity/course at lunchtime, how can he/she eat his/her meal?

At the request of the school, the canteen will replace the normal meal with a picnic for pupils who are registered in the canteen and who are on school outings or have lessons at mealtime.

15) Can I come and eat in the canteen as a parent?

Parents whose children are regularly enrolled in the canteen and are in order of payment are kindly invited to have one meal, free of charge, per term and per family. They need to notify the Canteen office (canteen@bru4.eu) at least two working days before the requested date. Please wait for confirmation from the Canteen Manager.

16) Can I suggest an idea for a meal?

On national holidays of EU countries we try to offer a special menu. We are always looking for new ideas!

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to let us know (canteen@bru4.eu).


17) What is the use of the "APEEE BRU IV" application and how does it work?

Our APEEE BRU IV application is linked to your child’s token issued by the school to all students.

This token, which acts as a means of payment, is linked to a personal account and must be activated by our system before using our services. To do so, please send us an email (canteen@bru4.eu) with your child’s name, first name and class. Alternatively, your child can come directly to our offices (D building) and we will activate his/her token manually.

Our application allows all secondary students to pay for the products of their choice in the different cafeterias: the cafeteria in the R building (secondary only), the Snack Shack and the Cargo Bike and the pre-order.

(Soon available) : It also allows secondary students to eat at the canteen – the price of a meal is then credited to your child’s account.

18) How do I get my app credentials?

Download the app from your smartphone on Google Play (Android) or Apple Store (iOS).

To get your username and password, please send us an email (canteen@bru4.eu) with “APEEE BRU IV – App – Login” in the email subject and ask for your password for the application.

19) How do I top up my child's account?

You can top up your child’s account directly via the app by choosing the amount of your choice (between €10, €20, €50 and €100) and the payment method you prefer.

You or your child can also come to the terminal located on the 2nd floor of building D (canteen building), near the canteen manager’s office. You will also have the option to choose an amount between 10€, 20€, 50€ or 100€ and you may pay by credit card.

Cash top-ups are no longer accepted.

20) What should I do if my child loses his/her token?

Notify us as soon as possible (canteen@bru4.eu) so that we can deactivate it.

Also inform the educational adviser of your child’s level ans ask them at the same time to issue a new token and go to Canteen office to activate this token.

You can ask us for a temporary token so that your child can continue to eat in the canteen or cafeterias. A deposit of €5 will be taken from the account.

21) What are the products on offer in the cafeterias?

You can find all our prices and products available in our cafeterias on our website: Cafeterias >