Creative workshop

Looking to have fun while developing your creativity? This activity introduces the youngest children to the discovery of materials, colours and shapes through a range of fun and creative workshops.


With TBC :

Wednesday (“multi-activities”) 13h30-15h

The goal of this activity is to introduce children to art in general through craft, drawing, painting and pastel workshops. They will discover materials, textures, collage and assembly methods, and the association of shapes and colours. Their imagination will be put to good use, and they’ll have the opportunity to give free rein to their creativity!
They will learn to use tools such as paintbrushes, sponges, modelling clay, pencils, pastels and so on.
Having fun while developing their creativity and imagination are the key words of this activity.
Examples of workshops offered during the activity:
– Discovering my creativity – learning different drawing techniques
– My mushroom – collage
– Modelling and imaginary creation – discovering materials and textures
– Chenille key ring – developing motor skills and bead handling abilities
– My autumn painting – painting techniques
– Colourful hedgehog – using pastels
– Rainbows and clouds – learning to mix colours and combine materials
– Little straw fish – collage