Sewing and cross-stitch

"Want to immerse yourself in the world of sewing and embroidery? Join this activity that will enable you to acquire practical skills while expressing your creativity. Using the techniques you learn, you'll be able to make unique embroidered frames. Develop your artistic talent while achieving impeccable finishes. "


With Daniela : 
P3-P5: Tuesday, 15h10 – 16h10

1st semester:

In half term 1, children will learn the basics of sewing, including the use of thread and needle.

They will also discover the art of embroidery using cheesecloth as a backing.

This half term will give them the opportunity to explore their artistic talent, acquire practical skills in sewing and embroidery, and let their creativity run free through the creation of unique projects.

2nd semester:

In Semester 2, we will put into practice the techniques learnt in Semester 1.

The children will start sewing and learn how to finish with embroidery. An exciting project will be to make embroidered frames to hang as decorations.

This half term will allow them to hone their sewing skills, explore the art of embroidery and create beautiful embroidered pieces to showcase their creativity.