Teatro in italiano

Feel like stepping on a theater stage? Imagination, creativity and collective work are all part of the theatrical game. Children develop self-confidence as well as artistic, social and relational qualities.

The theatre course in Italian is aimed at students with a good knowledge of the language.


With Francesco:

P1-P2 : Friday, 12h50 – 13h50

P3-P5 : Friday, 15h10 – 16h10


1st semester

The first semester’s objective is to introduce the students to theatre and acting and to introduce them to this Art. It aims to show them that theatre is a tool for representing the world, life, human passions but also for escaping. The students will learn to play a role using different emotions and letting their fantasy and spontaneity express itself.

During drama classes, the program includes a variety of activities: small physical training to help children relax and concentrate, group or individual exercises, such as small prepared or improvised sketches. Sometimes the students watch videos, photos or shows made by other groups of young people, it is an interesting and very instructive exercise.

The theatrical game offers infinite possibilities of themes. Here are a few of them that are being developed during this first semester: clowns and the circus, parties (Halloween, Christmas and Carnival), tragedy, comedy, mime (theatre with the body), Greek tragedy, mythology.

Theatre and acting is mainly approached through improvisation techniques which are easier and more spontaneous.

2nd semester

The second semester aims to prepare the end of the year theatre show. This is an opportunity to teach them how to move around on stage and, with a few tips, to be more confident and to manage their stage fright before being in front of an audience.

From the second semester onwards, the students start preparing for the end-of-year show. First there is the discovery of the text, then the distribution of roles and finally the acting can begin with the rehearsals.

The classes are not just devoted to rehearsing the show, the apprentice actors also practice theatre academy and improvisation exercises.

These young actors are at the same time: author, actor, director and sometimes also set designer. Theatre is a complete activity for its practitioners: imagination, creativity and rigour.