Creative writing

Want to give free rein to your creativity by writing poems, texts and short stories? This is the activity for you!


With Niamh:

P3-P5: Tuesday, 15h10 – 16h10


With Niamh:

S1-S3: Thursday, 12h30-13h25

1st semester :

The goal of this activity is to take a playful, experiential approach to writing, opening up new avenues for imagination and creativity.
Pupils first learn how a story is structured by reading a book together and analysing the story arc, characters and themes through games and active discussion.
Afterwards, the children work in groups to create their own characters inspired by their favourite films, books, myths and legends! The goal is then to bring these characters to life through storytelling: taking them on journeys to new worlds created from scratch by the group!
By the end of the first semester, the group will have written a collective story! Now that they are familiar with the structure of a story, each child will be ready to launch into the creation of their own adventure in the second semester!

2nd semester :

In the second semester, the children decide together on an end of year project!
The different types of creative writing are presented and compared with the stories produced during the first part of the year.
Poetry, flash fiction (short novels accessible to all) and the short story format are studied in more detail. For advanced students, a study of long prose is proposed (there may be a future Homer among us!).
At the end of the year, each child will be able to present at least one of these written works!

**Creative writing is open to everyone, without exception! Pupils are encouraged to work in a wide range of formats, to meet the specific needs of each one.
For example, if writing is not a child’s strong point, other means will be suggested to enable them to tell their story: through drawing, collage, audio recording, etc.
The instructor for this activity has many years of experience in multimedia studies, and is well equipped and keen to help each young person unleash their inner storyteller, whatever the support medium!