Creative writing

Want to break the rules and let your imagination run wild? Then this is the activity for you!


With Elena
S1-S3: Thursday, 12h30-13h25
S4-S7: Thursday 12h30-13h25

This activity is conducted in French, English and Greek.

The aim of this activity is to take a playful, experiential approach to writing, opening up new avenues for imagination and creativity.

Through games and improvisation, the pupils become familiar with language and its potential, and experiment with various literary forms such as stories, poems, short stories, songs, theatre, and so on.

Students are encouraged to develop their imagination, free their thoughts and express themselves while having fun. What’s more, creative writing can be an excellent way of cultivating skills such as self-confidence, observation, problem-solving and collaboration.

While reality can often be restrictive, in literature the possibilities are endless. That’s why we invite your teens to break the rules and imagine the impossible. There is no right or wrong and no limit to the imagination. The aim of this activity is not to recreate a traditional language class, but to provide a space for play, experimentation and personal expression.

1st semester

The aim of the first semester is to become a team, to become familiar with different ways of working and to create a common way of communicating with each other. The emphasis is on individual work and the development of each student’s personal voice. Tools such as games, texts, objects, storytelling and writing, reading, improvisation and dramatisation are used to free the imagination.

2nd semester

The aim of the second semester is to broaden the tools, to seek inspiration in other art forms and to focus on collaborative and more extensive work. During this semester, students work in small groups, combining their skills and co-imagining on different themes.