Art Discovery

"Would you like to discover art in all its forms? This activity introduces the little ones to the plastic arts."


With Chloe : 

Tuesday, 15h10 -16h10


1st semester

The purpose of the first semester is to introduce the children to art. They will discover shapes, colours and materials while giving free rein to their imagination.

The children will experiment with simple techniques: drawing, cutting, collage, discovering shapes, sizes, colours and materials.  They will learn to use brushes, pencils and pastels to try their hand at watercolour and painting. They will become colour magicians to invent their own universe and put colours in their world.

They will have fun and stimulate their creativity by discovering the mix of colours and the randomness of shapes. A giant monster to paint and cut out, spots that turn into plants or animals. Little artists in the making.

2nd semester

The aim of the second semester is to develop autonomy in the work. They will better master simple techniques while continuing to discover and experiment.

The children will focus on a few themes throughout the year.