Digital exploration

Do you want to learn more about the world of technologies and digital tools? You will enjoy this activity for sure!

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“Karine and Christian present with delight, “Digital Creativity For Kids” shining bright.

An after-school activity, unique and grand, For 8 to 12-year-olds, an inspiring land.


They’ll solder circuits, bringing creations to life, Discover 3D printing, designing with strife.

Explore AI, problem-solving in their way, Learn HTML, crafting websites, they’ll play.


In a safe environment, collaboration thrives, Encouraging exploration, where potential derives.

Join us in this exceptional endeavor, Let your child’s imagination soar forever.

With Digital Creativity for Kids, you’ll see, Their potential knows no bounds, wild and free.”


The main aim of this activity is to discover and use digital programs, explore artificial intelligence, discover HTML language and create electronic objects.

Here are a few examples of the topics covered during this activity:

  • Discovering computer programs using satellites (Google Earth and Bing maps)
  • Using and understanding the multimeter
  • Cutting out digital photos & making videos with Scratch 3.0 (KAZAM)
  • Learning about electronic weld
  • Introduction to computer mathematics with Mathematica and Maxima
  • Discover artificial intelligence with ChatGPT and Bing Images.
  • Controlling a microcontroller with a computer (GPIO)
  • Editing audio files with a computer
  • Spreadsheet training (Excel, Gnumeric, Google spreadsheets)
  • Making QRCODES
  • Making immersive panoramic photos (360°)