Empowering children – skills & tools

Here is an activity that gives children the tools to better regulate their emotions, thoughts and behavior. The sooner children learn to manage stress in difficult situations, the better equipped they will be for the future.

With Alina : 

P3-P5: Thursday, 15h10 – 16h10

The objective of this activity is to offer opportunities to pupils to develop and practice healthy coping skills and self-care activities for their well-being at school and beyond.

To equip them to understand and deal with challenging situations in a way that makes them stronger and helps them grow and learn from those tough experiences.

They learn how to keep a healthy balance between mental, physical and social-emotional self.

Each session contains activities for the mind and body such as concentration games, movement & rhythm, reflection on various issues, relaxation, imagination exercises & role play, creation of symbols and materials, gardening, problem solving, dancing etc.

Knowing strategies for emotional regulation and navigating social situations is empowering.