Creative studio

Want to immerse yourself in a world of creative hobbies? The creative studio is the place for you! There's a whole host of creative workshops on offer. Jewellery making, an introduction to sewing, accessory design, upcycling, painting and drawing: there's something for everyone!


With Yasmina :

P3-P5: Friday, 15h10 – 16h10

All the creative workshops that make up the Studio Créatif programme have an educational aim. The aim is to give children a new way of expressing themselves, improve their manual skills, stimulate their creativity and develop their patience, concentration and organisational skills.

Children give free rein to their imagination to create their own jewellery (earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, etc.) using a variety of materials. They learn the basic techniques and are encouraged to design unique pieces that reflect their personal style.

Introduction to sewing
Discovering basic sewing techniques (use of thread and needle, straight stitch, backstitch, etc.) enables children to create their own fabric accessories (bags, headbands, pouches, etc.) as well as learning how to patch up a damaged garment to give it a second life!
In this workshop, children learn how to handle different sewing tools and assemble different fabrics. There are plenty of projects to get everyone interested and creative.

Creative projects
Children have the opportunity to choose from a selection of projects adapted to their levels and desires, such as the creation of key rings, decorative cushions, small pouches and other simple accessories.
They are guided in the creation of their projects by applying the sewing techniques they have previously learnt. Children also have the chance to discover “upcycling”, which involves reusing old clothes, sheets, curtains and tablecloths to give them a new lease of life!

Painting on canvas & charcoal drawing
In this workshop, children practise painting on canvas: a form of artistic expression that allows them to combine colours, give free rein to their imagination, experiment with different tools and play with relief effects and textures.
Charcoal drawing is also offered in the creative studio!
Here they can experiment with different techniques (shading, blurring, erasing, etc.) to create beautiful black and white drawings!

Materials to bring
A basic sewing kit