Mental arithmetic

Do you want your children to master calculation and more generally school subjects better? Mental arithmetic activities have many benefits for pupils! It is a recognized methodology developing children’s memory, concentration, and logical thinking through arithmetic.


With Mila:

P1-P2 : Thursday, 15h10-16h10 (in English, in French and Bulgarian)

P3-P5 : Monday, 15h10-16h10 (in English)

This new activity will help pupils during their academic career. They will first strengthen their abilities related to memory, imagination, and thinking development. Second, it will help them to better understand the exact sciences: mathematics, geometry. And then, when the children learn to calculate quickly – they will know that they can learn everything, as long as they put in the effort!

Over time the calculation speed becomes faster and faster, and children begin to multiply, divide, add and subtract mentally, without the help of an abacus.

The program of the mental arithmetic activity is divided into 3 different training levels, according to the school level of the children:

  1. Introduction to abacus, its components and calculation rules

Children will learn how to properly add and subtract using an abacus. The fine motor skills are actively developed: handwriting and manipulation of small objects. These are the first noticeable improvements in school results for younger pupils.

  1. With formulas

Pupils begin to calculate applying formulas. The memory and concentration skills are visibly improved. Memorizing verses gets much faster and there is a significant progress in the articulation of speech.

  1. Calculation techniques become a habit

Children add and subtract various numerical examples very quickly, in seconds. Imagination, information reproduction and photographic memory are greatly advanced.

In the process of mental arithmetic activities, both hemispheres of the brain work simultaneously. Such activity stimulates harmonious intellectual development, improves memory, imagination, and logical thinking.

Equipments required for this activity (included in the price) are offered to your child at the beginning of the year.