Coding for Kids

"Interested in discovering computer programming? In an increasingly connected world, Coding For Kids encourages young people to learn to program in an active, fun and gentle way."


With Christian and Karine:

P3-P5 : Monday, 15h10 – 16h10

1st semester

The objective of the first semester is to introduce programming with Scratch ( Created by the MIT Media Lab, Scratch is a simplified graphical programming program, ideal for children.

Pupils will be provided with computers repackaged with Scratch software, which can be installed in many different languages. Indeed, at any time the student can change the default language without having to restart the computer or lose their work.

Children will learn the basics of programming (loops, variables, random numbers etc.) in a fun way. In addition, they will learn about concepts such as the cloud, cybersecurity, programmed obsolescence and the importance of programming in future jobs.

They will also have fun taking computers apart piece by piece. This will allow them to demystify computing machines.

2nd semester

The aim of the second semester is to continue to improve the students’ programming skills.

The children will gradually learn more complex things. They will try to program a drone or a robot to make it move.

Using scratch software, the pupils learn to capture sounds, their voice, images through the microphone and the webcam. The software is very playful and allows children to learn other subjects without appearing to do so. They will learn and experiment with other languages through machine translation as well as storytelling, theatre and physical world simulation.